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There are a lot of mailing lists and forums on the internet and there are a number of interest to fans of electronic music.   No listing can be complete, but here is a start.
If you know of a mailing list or forum that you think should be added, please contact me with details.

The Advancing Independent Music list.
Alfa Centauri
The electronic newsletter of Alfa Centauri.
Link to the Ambient Blog
Stéphane Bourzeix's blog is a place where Ambient
and Electronic Music fans, listeners and musicians
can find what’s going on in their world about releases,
artists, gear, software, radio, and more.
The Ambient Way
This group discussion is dedicated to pure ambient space landscape
music and to promote ambient artists and recording labels.
Link to the Beyond EM List.
Link to the Different Skies mailing list.
Different Skies is an electronic music concert series and
workshop that takes place at Arcosanti in northern Arizona.
Link to the Forum
Dedicated to experimental electro-acoustic and electronic music.
Link to the EM Portal forum
EM Portal sprang up to fill the void when EM Forum bit the dust.
The forum's motto is "Everything you need to know about electronic music."
Link to Galactic Travels Announcements and Playlists
Join this list to recieve playlists and announcements.
Link to Groove Unlimited.
Groove Unlimited is a mail order and distribution
company, a record label, and weekly newsletter.
Link to the Hyperreal mailing lists.
Hyperreal music resources.
Link to the Pandemonium Symposium mailing list.
The Pandemonium Symposium is a collective for electronic musicians in the NJ area.
Its goal is to facilitate collaborations and bring artists together for jams,
recordings, and performances.   Our combined efforts and support for each other can
help establish a community with more opportunities for innovative music!
Link to the Ricochet Gatherings mailing list.
This is the official group for discussing activities relating to the Ricochet Gatherings,
a yearly gathering of Tangerine Dream and EM fans and musicians.
The Spacemusic mailing list is for discussion of spacemusic and floating ambient music.
The SynthSights list discusses how we integrate ourselves--our intellect and
our personality--with our tool set.   The purpose is comradeship in sorting
through the possibilities of our vast technological environment to settle
on the creative approach that works best for each of us.   For those who are
already under way with a set of preferred methods, it is a place to share the
ups and downs of your progress.

Galactic Travels is designed to bring WDIY listeners hour-long soundscapes of electronic, ambient, and space music.
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