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WDIY's Space Music Program airs every Thursday at 11 pm.
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If you wish to submit your music for airplay consideration, please request the address and make arrangements by sending email to Bill Fox at:

Please note that this address is NOT my name.

Formats accepted include minidisc, CD, CD-R, DAT, Vinyl, and Audio Cassette. But please be aware that CD and CD-R in regular sized jewel cases are considered to be the most radio-friendly formats at this time. Jewel cases are NOT a requirement because other packaging options are accepted. MP3 files are not considered to be broadcast quality and WDIY provides no method to use them. WDIY's CD players are much easier to use than any other format. Anything that is too large to fit into my CD travel case, which holds standard sized jewel cases, is difficult to bring to the station. (Thinner or alternate material options are OK.) Jewel cases also provide a spine that is large enough to see the CD artist and title. Any other packaging style is likely to receive less airplay than something in a jewel case. This is just a fact of life for DJs (who might not have the best eye sight) who need information fast and easy when a CD is on the shelf surrounded by thousands of other CDs. Again, other packaging options are accepted. Just be aware of the ergonomic aspects of your packaging option. The most important items to include on the artwork include:

  • A numbered track listing that shows the running time of each track.
  • A clear indication of the release's artist.
  • A clear indication of the release's title.
  • Contact information.
Want to maximize your CD's airplay? Here are a few tips you might want to follow.

All submissions are welcomed and will be seriously considered for inclusion on future shows. Nothing can be returned. Due to the large volume of materials received, confirmation of receipt of materials and individual notification of airplay cannot be made. Please watch published playlists for that kind of information. Unsolicited material is discouraged without prior contact with the show's host. Such contact will prevent the drain on artists' resources when the material is not within the boundaries of the Galactic Travels format.

To learn if your submission has been aired on Galactic Travels, you should periodically check the Playlists or the Top 20 sections of this site. To receive playlists by email, join the Galactic Travels list or ask to be added.

All submissions are always greatly appreciated. But please do yourself a favor and study the other sections of this site first, then decide if your music really fits in with the Galactic Travels format.

Thank you for considering Galactic Travels.

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